Thomson router (tg585v7) and FreeDNS.

Recently, I discovered a marvelous dynamic dns service. FreeDNS. The problem was that my Thomson TG585 v7 router didn’t include an option for FreeDNS. This is what I had to do to enable it.


First of all you must make sure that your router’s telnet interface is enabled. Check THIS post.


After entering the telnet interface of your router (you will need the Administrator password) you must issue the following commands (picture above).

dyndns service

For the name parameter enter custom. Enter to the [server] field. Enter www-http to the [port] field. Enter /nic/update to the [request] field. Enter 43200 to the [updateinterval] field. Enter 30 to the [retryinterval] field. Enter 3 to the [max_retry] field. After entering the last field ([max_retry]) enter saveall to save the new configuration. Enter exit to exit the telnet interface.

HINT: Ctrl+H combination acts like the Backspace key.

Now you have to open the router’s web interface. Enter (or your router’s ip address) to your favorite browser (once again you will have to enter Administrator as user name and the Administrator’s password). Go to Toobox > Dynamic DNS. Press Configure. Check the Enabled checbox. Enter your FreeDNS credentials (Username, Password) to the corresponding fields (picture bellow). Select custom for the Service field. Enter your FreeDNS host name. Press Apply. That’s it!.


You may notice an “Update needed” message. I don’t know why. The IP for the sub-domain gets update as expected though.


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