Enabling Τelnet for Thomson TG585 v8 modem/router.

Recently I wanted to make some changes to my home modem/router that weren’t accessible through the router’s web interface. My router is a Thomson TG585 v8. I knew I could access advanced settings through Telnet. I tried to connect to the default Telnet port (23) with no success. A test with nmap didn’t revealed any other open ports. Telnet access was disabled for the specific version of the TG585. I also new from past experience that such options are included to the configuration back-up file of the router. To enable Telnet access I followed the steps described bellow.

Open the web interface (usually ) and select Thomson Gateway.

Select Configuration.

From Pick a Task… select Save or Restore Configuration

Press Backup Configuration Now….

Save the file.

Open the file with you favorite text editor and locate servmgr.ini section.

Under the other TELNET references add ipadd name=TELNET ip=192.168.1.[64-253]. Save and close the file.

Press Browse… and select the file you modified. After that press Restore Configuration Now….

Press OK.

After that the router will upload the configuration. It will take a while for the process to complete.

Now you can access the router using Telnet.


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3 Responses to Enabling Τelnet for Thomson TG585 v8 modem/router.

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  2. Koladi says:

    You,sir, are a modern hero.

  3. I have a question… I follow this steps (I only have telnet group= lan and telnet group=wan, so my modem has not telnet ip= and the others ip address) but i can not connect me to the web site anymore. Sorry for me english, I need to improve it

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