USB WiFi dongle and TV antenna “hack”.

The last week or so, I am packing everything in order to move to a new house. During the closet cleanup I found a box containing a cheap indoors TV antenna. The one with the small wire mesh reflector. The next box contained some network stuff, including a TP-Link WiFi USB dongle. The size seemed correct. So…


I removed the pcb, cables, transformer of the TV antenna, made some holes to the plastic barrel (on the center of the reflector) and… Behold!




Before the modification I made some measurements for a specific WiFi access point with the TP-Link dongle. The mean value of signal strength (iwlist wlan1 scan) was -68.1 dBm. After the modification the mean signal strength was -54.48 dBm. 13.62 dBm improvement. Not bad.


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3 Responses to USB WiFi dongle and TV antenna “hack”.

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  2. Jim says:

    my buddies put their antenna in a tin can and pointed er at another antenna in tin can across the street which was not connecting or visible, now it’s a go!

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